I have just been fortunate in receiving an opportunity to give an employment lecture in a few weeks and so I started my research and even went as far as carrying out an informal survey amongst friends and job seekers on my database. It all just didn’t click, and I got to a stage that a friend suggested I probably had writer’s block….really?!

While trying to figure out what the issue could be as this should have come easy to me but it didn’t. Till it hit me! Look at your own CV and then build on that for a CV writing class. Strange but I decided to look for my CV and it was on opening the precious document that I realised I had not updated my CV in about 3-5years!!! I read through the CV and was horrified. Yes, I as a recruiter was horrified at my own CV. I had made one of the easiest and biggest mistakes of forgetting my CV, not updating it or tailoring it to the job.

How many job seekers or better yet employed individuals did the same mistake? This is mostly common amongst those that have a job as the job seeker might somewhat be compelled to review and edit the CV while looking for a job.

It is an easy and common mistake even for a professional like me to get comfortable and forget to constantly review the CV or personal profile. So here are some short tips:

  • Always review and update your CV: if possible review and update your CV quarterly. If you do not have a new job, you can always add new skills or update to the need of the labour market.
  • Re-read and edit the CV to match with the jobs you are applying to
  • I believe in having more than one copy of CV and cover letter
  • Research on new styles of writing.

Next stop we are going to be looking at CV and cover letter writing techniques to help land you that dream job.

One other thing, how about that certificate/ degree? When was the last time you updated your skill or knowledge? The CV is easy, it is electronic, where are your original transcript? Catching dust in some unknown place

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