Intro: Thank goodness most of us are studying or even better, have graduated with one form of qualification or another, the question then is what are you doing with the knowledge you’ve gained? Or how competitive are you amongst your peers if placed in the job market?.

  • What makes you stand out from your mates?
  • Are you taking full advantage of your skills?
  • Education vs Trade: which do you think pays more?

The answer is none really, only depends how well you are able to use the gained knowledge. Most of the big names we hear of today are dropout (Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg).

We therefore need to possess the following characters to help us advance in today’s world:  hardworking, proactiveness, have initiatives etc. We normally complain there are no jobs but we need to push ourselves and go searching or do we just sit around praying and hoping for that good job?

Are you marketable: how then do you market yourself?

First tool of marketing oneself is the CV or your business profile. Any promotional tool that you can use to sell yourself in the labour market.

Content of a CV or Resume?

A CV must not be more than 2 pages long containing the following:

  • Name
  • Personal details: contact number, address and email, state of origin, gender, D.O.B etc
  • Qualification/ Education
  • Work experience
  • Training if any
  • Attributes/Other skills: customised depending on the job sort after.
  • Reference: apart from your paper CV, your character/attitude is the best CV that you can carry about with you there it is highly recommend to have a good reference from previous employers or peers

Knowledge Management: for those of working or already in business are you moving with the modern trend. It is advisable to always know what is happening in your field and update your CV every time you want to apply for a job. Do not let your CV gather dust no matter how comfortable you are.


  • Always arrive 15mins before time!
  • Get to know about the position you are being interviewed for
  • Possibly go familiarise yourself with the interview location before the day
  • Learn about the company you plan to go into
  • Conduct: to be polite never hurts, instead, it takes you a long way. Using the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will take you further.
  • Appearance: your best and biggest clothing is your smile! Furnish it with white teeth no matter how you feel.
  • Your dressing also means a lot, be covered as possible – simplicity and comfort is the key
  • Interview questions: please study various questions and best answers to them

Entrepreneurs: right! I have been talking about knowledge management mostly, working for someone else…have you ever thought of working for yourself? It is not for everyone but do not solely depend on getting the office job. If you feel you are good at certain things, why not invest and make them work for you. Things like:

  • Baking
  • Cleaning
  • Beading
  • Sewing
  • Event planning
  • Hair dressing/ cut

By becoming an entrepreneur as well, you are at a better position of becoming an employer of labour and helping the employment issue.

So once again, I ask, how employable are you?